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Shatter Proof

With the invisible fibre glass reinforcement Ramglas is made stronger, lighter, safer and impact resistant (20 times than ordinary glass of same thickness). For you to handle it without care. With these unique features Ramglas withstands impact from projected stones, bricks, bottles etc without shattering and will remain firm throughout. Hence once installed it your lifetime investment.

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The multi-faceted textured surface of Ramglas attracts and refracts light in three-dimensional pattern and an elegant effect emerges. With the choicest range of plain colours and unlimited combinations, Ramglas is a dream come true for the Architects and Interior decorators, and its beauty of course will be the user's contentment.

Immortal Durability

Ramglas stands the test of time and all weather — proudly and profoundly. Despite the incessant exposure to sun, rain, dust and grime, Ramglas will display its beauty. What a shining tribute!

partition1.jpg (28872 bytes)Amazing Versatility

With its inherent strength, elegance and weather resistance, Ramglas is an ideal choice for exterior facing applications and luminous paneling. With the choicest collection of opaque and translucent custom panelings Ramglas adds that personal touch to your imginary exterior decorative paneling. Besides it can really work as elegant railings for the balconies.

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Ramglas is excellently suited for interior partitions, walls and screens with its shatter-proof safety feature. With its translucent and opaque body it provides privacy, besides giving you glamorous decor.

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